How do I find an Invoice? (customer)

If you are unable to locate an invoice, it is possible that the work order is being hidden by one of the invoice drop down filters.

Here is how to check:

  • First, navigate to your Invoice page by clicking on either the β€˜Invoice' button located on your Dashboard, or the β€˜Manage Invoice’ button located on the left menu column.

  • After navigating to the Invoice page, you may be greeted with a message that reads: β€œNo matching records found”. It is likely that, while you have invoices available in your system, they are currently being filtered out from your view. There are two viewing options that commonly filter out invoices. They are the β€œAssigned To Me” check box and β€œStatus” drop down filter

  • To make all available invoices viewable, you will first want to uncheck the β€˜Assigned To Me’ box located above the invoice table. Afterwhich, you will want to click on the Status drop down menu and check the boxes of the invoices you wish to see. Alternatively, you can also use the β€œShow / Clear All” option to check/uncheck all the boxes in the β€œStatus” drop down.

  • Once you have unchecked the β€œAssigned To Me” box, chose to β€œShow All” invoices, and clicked the β€œSearch” button, you will be presented with all available invoices in your system. Now, you will be able to locate your missing invoice.
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