Where is My Work Order?

If you are unable to locate a work order, it is possible that the work order is being hidden by one of the work order drop down filters.

Here is how to check:

  • First, navigate to your work order page by clicking on either the work order button located on your Dashboard, or the work order button located on the left menu column.


  • Second, locate your work order drop down filters. They are labeled: Created Date, All, Category, and Status.

  • If you see a Red Circle with an Exclamation Point on any of the drop down filters, such as the one in the photo below, this means that there is information currently being filtered out of your Work Order Page.


  • In order to view the filtered out information, you will want to check the boxes you wish to view and then click on the Green Search Button. Alternatively, you can also choose to click “Show/Clear All” to highlight all of the boxes in the drop down.

  • Once you click the search button, you will be able to see any work orders that were hidden by the filtered information.
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