Why Can't I Choose a Service Provider?

If you have attempted to create a service request but are unable to select the service provider of your choice, it is likely that your account manager has locked your service provider options to only allow one option of service provider.


Ecotrak does not have any control over the set-up or delegation of work to service providers. For this reason, we are unable to edit the service provider hierarchy within a customers account. Nor are we able to re-route the service request to another service provider without the authorization of the account admin.


In the situation that you wish to send your service request to an alternate service provider than the one that is being presented, you will want to reach out to your site admin and ask them to edit your service provider set up to allow the servicer provider of your choice.


Please DO NOT reach out to the service provider for a resolution to this issue, as your account administrator is the only one who will be able to edit these preferences. As well, please try to refrain from calling the service provider and placing the service request over the phone without first contacting your facilities manager or site admin. Doing so can cause issues with work order relay, leading to multiple service providers responding to the initial request.


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