How to Replace an Asset

Asset Replacement Guide

Summary: This guide walks through the process of locating & replacing an asset, during and/or after the delivery or installation of a new piece of equipment.

Checklist: It’s best to have the following prepared, prior to asset replacement

  • Asset Data:
    • Manufacturer (Make)
    • Model
    • Serial
    • Original Value
    • Replacement Cost
    • Manufacturer Date
    • Warranty Information:
    • Duration (Ex: 1 Year)
      • Type (Entire Unit Parts & Labor, Specified Parts & Labor, Specified Parts)
  • Asset Photo: (Stock Photo)

I. Replacing an Asset:

  1. Open the Asset Details page
    1. Please see section III below, for more information on finding the Asset Details

    2. Click ‘Replace’ on the top-right to open up the ‘Replacement’ form
      • 2020-07-10_0831_001.png
  1. Enter Asset Information:
    1. Select the Asset Type (Ex: Cooking Equipment, Refrigeration, etc)
      • Asset_Type.png
    2. Confirm the Asset Name (update if needed)

    3. Select a Service Provider
      • Example: Select the Kitchen Equipment Supplier (KES) or Warranty Service ProviderEnter the

    4. Set the Expiration Date for the Service Provider
      • Set the ‘Expiration Date’ to the expiration date of the Warranty (Ex: 1 Year Warranty, expires 1 Year from the Manufacturer Date)

    5. Enter the Asset’s Details:
      1. Manufacturer / Make
      2. Model
      3. Serial Number
      4. Replacement Cost
      5. Original Value
      6. Manufacturer Date

    6. Upload an Asset Photo: Upload a photo
      1. Click the ‘Photo’ section at the bottom
      2. Select the Photo to be uploaded
      3. Select “Asset Photo for APP”
      4. Click Upload to submit the photo
        • unnamed__1_.png
    7. Click Submit to create the asset
      • unnamed__2_.png

II. Inputting Warranty Information: Once the new asset has been 'created', you can add any warranty details that apply to the new piece of equipment.

  1. Navigate to Asset module
  2. Search for new Asset (Asset Name)

  3. Click ‘View Asset ID’ to View the Asset Details
    • unnamed__5_.png
  4. Click ‘Edit’ to enable Edit Mode

  5. Click ‘Warranty to open the Warranty tab
    • Select Warranty Type
      • unnamed__3_.png
    • Enter Warranty Period Amount 
      • Example: 90 Days, 1 Year, 3 Years, etc 
      • unnamed__4_.png
    • Click Submit to enter the Warranty information
      • unnamed__2_.png


III. How to find the Asset Details page:

  • Option 1: Open the Email Link
    1. Open the Work Order Email 

    2. Click the ‘Work Order ID’ url found on the top-right of your email notification


  • Option 2: Find the WO in the Manage Work Orders module
    • Open the 'Manage Work Orders' module

    • Search for the Work Order ID

    • Open the Work Order details (2 options)
      1. Click the Work Order ID
      2. Click “View Details’

    • Click the Asset Name to view the asset pop-up
    • unnamed__6_.png

    • Click the Asset Name at the top to navigate to the Asset Details pag
    • unnamed__7_.png



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