Ecotrak Status Explanations

The information below will explain the different Work Order, Proposal, and Invoice statuses.

Work Order Statuses

  • Pending SP Acceptance: Work order assigned to service provider, but has not yet been accepted
  • Accepted: Work order has been accepted by service provider
  • Complete: Work order is complete, may or may not be invoiced
  • Cancelled: Work order was canceled by customer
  • Unassigned: Work order has been created, not assigned to a service provider, possibly was declined by provider
  • Not Fixed: During invoice review the customer marked related invoice as ‘not fixed’, return visit expected by provider

The statuses below are chosen by the Service Provider on the Work Order

  • En Route: Service provider chooses when tech is on the way
  • Arrived: Service provider chooses, tech is on site
  • Pending Parts: Service provider chooses, parts are on order
  • Submitting Proposal: Service provider chooses, need to submit proposal for project
  • Return Visit Required: Service provider chooses, additional trip is needed

Proposal Statuses

  • Proposal Submitted: A proposal has been added to work order, pending approval by Inspire
  • Proposal Approved: Proposal related to work order has been approved by Inspire
  • Proposal Rejected: Proposal related to work order has been rejected by Inspire
  • Pending Client Approval: Service Provider has submitted a proposal, moving through Inspire approval process
  • Proposal Approved: Proposal has been approved by the customer
  • Proposal Rejected: Proposal has been rejected by the customer
  • Proposal Closed: Work order was invoiced without proposal approval (various reasons)

Invoice Statuses

  • Pending Approval Proposal is making its way through appropriate Inspire approvals
  • Approved: Invoice has been Approved by the customer 
  • Awaiting Invoice: Work order is in a ‘complete’ status, waiting for service provider to invoice
  • Rejected Invoice: was rejected by the customer (notes should indicate reason)
  • Paid: Invoice paid (payment details from Accounting are listed in notes)
  • Approval in Process: Service Provider has submitted invoice, moving through the customers approval process


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