How to Add Assets

In this support article, you will find the guided steps on how to add an asset.


1.) On your Ecotrak dashboard Click Admin, you will then see a drop down menu appear under the admin button. Click Assets to navigate to the manage assets page. (see image below)



2.) Next you will want to click + Add on the top-left corner of the screen to add an asset. (see image below)



3.) Once you are on the add an asset page, you will now want to fill out all the information you see within both of the images below that are highlighted in the red box. First, Select the Location, then select the Asset Type, then select / Enter the Asset Name, then Enter Asset Details: Manufacturer, Model Number, Serial NumberInstallation Date (Note: The 'Date' fields only display a year 10 range at a time. Select a new year to see the next 10 year in the dropdown). Lastly, you will need to upload an Asset Photo-Select document type 'Asset Photo for APP. (see both images below for guidance) 



4.) Lastly, you will want to make sure to Click Submit to create the Asset. (see image below)


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