Ecotrak Software Releases

May 2023

  • System performance enhancements to the proposal module
  • Released updated version of chat support on Ecotrak (Legacy) mobile app for customers and service providers

April 2023

  • Updates to Internal Technician functionality within the Techtrak app.
  • Update SSO login procedure.
  • The RFP module is now active in the Techtrak app.

March 2023

  • Resolved troubleshooting issue in Ecotrak Mobile (Legacy) app
  • Techtrak update allowing Internal Technician Job Title to add and replace assets in the Techtrak mobile app
  • Update to Techtrak allowing Internal Technicians to assign Work Order to them.
  • Service Provider account admin now has internal tech access

February 2023

  • Techtrak performance updates 
  • Resolve camera permissions issue in Techtrak app

January 2023

  • Minor updates and improvements to Techtrak performance

December 2022

  • Service Providers can now download the Techtrak by Ecotrak mobile app to manage Work Orders, Proposals and Invoices. Android users, please visit the Google Play Store. iOS users, please see the App Store. 

August 2022

  • Service Providers can now receive email notifications for PM work orders. A notification per work order will be generated. By default, this feature is turned off.
  • On the Mobile app, the Service Request module will require the client to select a Location every time they attempt to create a service call. 
  • The QR Scan Module is available on the left hand menu within the Mobile app
  • Work Order Filters will now save and reload based on a Users preferences.
  • The QR Code number is now visible on the Asset Details page in the Mobile App.
  • Problem Types will delete in real time when a User decides to remove a Problem Type from a Troubleshoot to Asset relationship.

July 2022

  • A new, improved, and highly intuitive reporting module has been released, Reporting 2.0, giving our customers brand new tools and functionality to track their data and make the best decisions possible. 
  • Clients can utilize the Service Provider Directory within the Service Provider module to search and invite new vendors to their SP network
  • Location Address, SP ID, SP WO ID and Invoice Status have returned to the Client's Work Order Module under the Column hide feature.

  • The Asset Name drop-downs will now appear when the Asset Type is defined when adding an Asset. *Asset Tags must be set up

  • Service Providers are no longer restricted to 30 minute intervals when defining their Start and End times within the Rates & Terms module. Vendors can select exact Start and End times.

  • Clients can now define up to 30 Budget periods.

  • Permission settings now have a Select/Unselect all option for each column of check boxes.

June 2022

  • Resolved an issue where the iOS mobile app was not allowing attachments to be added to a location.
  • Resolved issue that was preventing service providers from accepting / declining work service requests from the new work order notification.
  • Updated the Manage Work Orders page in the web app to allow service providers to search by "assigned to" names.
  • Added the asset area filter to the Manage Service Request page on the Web app.
  • Clients have the ability to filter and search by Area type when attempting create a Service Request. The filter will reset when Users navigate away from and return to the Service Request module.
  • Service providers will now receive a Notifications alerting them when a Work Order has been reassigned to another vendor.
  • When creating a new location, Users can now copy another location's trade assignment to the new store.
    • This field is optional and not a required step in creating new locations.
  • Service Providers can select individual Customer Users by job title to notify when submitting a Note on the Web
    • This functionality now matches the Ecotrak mobile app
  • Users can now copy location assignments when creating new Users.
    • An invitation to join the system is not sent, so we recommend sharing the Username and Temporary Password via email to the new User
    • They may use the Forgot Password link found on the login page to reset their password if needed.
  • Android and iOS app updates to enhance performance and stability of the product. We recommend you REMOVE & REINSTALL your Ecotrak App to experience the benefits. 
  • Bulk Trade Assignment in the Service Provider and Locations modules both now features Regions and Districts as a filter option.  CLICK HERE to learn more.

May 2022

  • Reinstated the filter functionality on the work order module to save your status and category drop down settings so that they stay applied when navigating in and out of the work order page. CLICK HERE to learn more. 
  • Added the Decision-Making Tool to the Proposal Details page.
  • Updated the Locations tab from the User Details page to allow data to be exported.
  • Enhanced the Edit User page to first sort by locations the user is assigned to and then by location ID to make it easier to manage a user's location assignments.
  • Enhanced the Invoice Details page to allow users to edit the additional note field.
  • Updated the Work Order filters to show the red exclamation mark when the filter has partial or no selections in it and to remove the mark when the filter has everything selected.
  • Enhanced the Manage Work Order module to load faster and to support comma separated/space separated lists.
  • The Manage Work Orders page will not default to last saved search after navigating to another page. 
  • A Warranty Start is now required when adding and saving an asset.
  • Enhanced the Work Order Management page to populate the Category filter with all available options to prevent having to search before the filter drop downs are populated.
  • Enhanced the Preventative Maintenance Details page to be more reliable when setting locations to inactive while navigating through multiple pages of locations.
  • Updated the Add Location tab in the Preventative Maintenance Details page to be more reliable when showing service providers in the Service Provider dropdown.

April 2022

  • Enhanced the Service Request module to be able to filter assets by asset area in the Mobile App.
  • Enhanced the Work Order module to automatically check the Internal Service Provider checkbox on the work order details page and auto accept the work order when a work order is created where the service provider is configured as an internal service provider.
  • Enhanced the verbiage when editing mobile app permissions for a user, under the work order section for mobile app permissions the permission label: "Edit PM Work Orders" was changed to "Cancel Work Order."
  • When adding an asset in the asset module, the "add asset" page has been updated to hide the warranty start date section if the "General Asset for all Locations" checkbox is selected when adding a new asset.
  • Updated the Work Order Details page and the Global Search pages to show the Problem Type field as "Scheduled Service" followed by the name of the title of the PM(preventative maintenance).

March 2022

  • Updated the user permissions logic for "Attachments" in the User permissions page to disallow access to attachments when set to inactive even if edit and add are selected
  • Enhanced the Location Details view by adding data points for Weekly Sales and Average Weekly Sales.
  • In a customer profile we have created a setting toggle in the service provider management page to be able to require a reason to be submitted when service providers set the status of a work order to "Rejected."
  • Enhanced work orders to allow customers to view the reason why a work order is rejected by viewing the notes from the service provider.
  • Speed enhancement: The amount of work orders that can be bulk edited at one time on the manage work order module, has been adjusted to a max of 50 at a time to prevent slow loading speeds.
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